Creative Writing Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions containing explicit sexual content, strong profanity, or excessive violence will not be considered for publication.

2. You may submit to more than one genre; however, each genre has the following limits on the number of submissions:

Poetry: 5
Fiction: 2
Creative nonfiction: 2
Artwork: 10

3. Submissions of over 7,500 words will not be considered for publication.

4. All submissions should be sent by e-mail to as attachments. Only .doc, .docx, and .pdf formats will be accepted.

5. The subject line of the email should include your name and the genre of the submission (fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction), and multiple submissions of like genre should be grouped together in one e-mail, while multiple submissions to diverse genres should be sent in separate e-mails (for example, all fiction submissions should be sent together in one e-mail, but as separate attachments; and if you are submitting fiction and poetry, all fiction should be sent in one e-mail, and all poetry should be sent in another e-mail). If your piece doesn’t easily fit into one of these genre classifications, send it with whichever genre your piece seems to most closely fit and then put any further clarification in the body of the e-mail.

6. Put all contact information—name, phone number, and address—along with the title of each submission, in the body of the e-mail. Do not include your name in any of the attachments.

7. If you are submitting multiple poems, please attach them all together in one document, making sure that there is a page break between each poem.

Art Submission Guidelines

Art submissions must be submitted by e-mail, scanned at 300 DPI or higher and saved as a .jpeg or .tiff image. Art submissions may include photography, paintings, drawings, digital art, photographs of sculpture, etc.


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