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has curated pieces since 1982 that are both peculiar and gorgeous without compromising craftsmanship and excellence. Averse to gratuitous violence, language, and sex, we look for smart pieces that treat sensitive subjects with maturity and respect. Our favorite submissions explore refreshing takes on both the fantastic and the everyday. As a staff firmly rooted in following Jesus Christ and His teachings, we publish and celebrate works from people of all religious perspectives, countries, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, backgrounds, and experiences. Inscape is the home of the bizarre, believing, and beautiful.


Inscape has published a bi-annual issue since 1982. You can read our past issues in our archive.


Our blog features tips on how to submit & publish your work, writing tips, and interviews with writers.



Wild Geese

"Fallen" by Nicholas Rex by Abby Knudsen Within an hour after slipping off the little…

Digging in the Iris

by Caroline P.M. West "Opal Aquarium 2" by Sarah Stoddard Wooded fibers fine as cornsilk…
Silhouette of a girl walking to right with a checkerboard floor floating above her with a chair leaning off of it and large flowers growing from underneath.

Vibrations Through Wire and Air

by Kirsten Burningham "Uprooted" by Samantha Snyder As a college freshman, I stretched my wings,…
Searching for light by Max Fisher

Red in the Sun

by David Veloz “Searching for light” by Max Fisher Bring home to me my tools, my…

Like You and My Knees

by David Veloz "Ashley" by Aïsha Lehmann I'm eating all the time, but I need more.…