Since 1982, Inscape has had a simple goal to curate thoughtful art and literature to share with the community. We love work with fresh takes on both the experimental and the familiar—work that is honest, frank, and unafraid to embrace contradictions. We are interested in pieces that are attentive to beauty, both the everyday and the fantastical. We also love pieces from all genres that uplift, inspire, and entertain while celebrating the author’s unique voice and experiences in the intersections of race, culture, class, identity, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and spirituality. Submissions containing graphic depictions of sex or excessive violence will not be considered for publication. 

We invite people from all countries, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to submit their work; you do not need to be a BYU student or even a student at all. We can’t wait to see what you’ve created. 

  1. You may submit to more than one genre; however, each genre has the following limits on the number of submissions per individual:
    Poetry: 2
    Fiction: 2
    Creative nonfiction: 2
    Artwork: 5
  2. All submissions should be submitted at
  3. Do not include your name in any of the attachments.
  4. Current staff may not be published in Inscape. However, they may submit in order to get blind feedback if they then withdraw their piece from consideration.
  5. We prefer word processing documents (.doc, .docx, .txt.), but because of the visual nature of poetry, we do allow (for those kinds of poems), submissions in PDF format.
  6. If submitting multiple pieces, please submit them separately.
  7. Do not submit previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please let us know if your piece has been accepted somewhere else.
  8. Any submission that does not follow our guidelines will not be considered.


  • All written work should be in English.
  • Submissions of over 7,500 words will not be considered for publication.


  • Art submissions must be scanned at 300 DPI or higher and saved as a .jpeg or .tiff image. Art submissions may include photography, paintings, drawings, digital art, photographs of sculpture, etc.


We accept submissions year-round. However, to be considered for a particular edition, please follow the deadlines below.

Print Edition: Submissions close October 12th

Online Edition:  Submissions close February 15th