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Tanner Millett is a life-long fiction writer, a recent dabbler in poetry, and a current graduate student studying creative writing at Brigham Young University. Now in his third year on the Inscape staff, he still enjoys reading through the slushpile and finding gems that make him smile and see life a little differently. He believes in literature that is approachable yet meaningful, with realistic characters that you can understand even when you can’t relate to them. Outside of the journal, Tanner enjoys teaching creative writing classes, writing overly-long novels, going on meandering walks, and listening to Jim Croce. Born and raised in Austin, he now resides in Provo, Utah.



Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Mikayla Johnson formally studies creative writing as a graduate student at Brigham Young University and informally studies sourdough bread baking, patchwork quilting, and Aqua Zumba from anyone who is gracious enough to teach her. As a children’s literature aficionado, the bulk of Mikayla’s writing includes young adult and middle grade novels as well as picture books. Her work examines themes of mental illness, multiculturalism, grief, religion, and rural living in the child and teen experience. She holds an undergraduate degree in elementary education from BYU. Along with her husband and two young sons, Mikayla makes her home in Springville, UT.



Creative Nonfiction Editor

Jamie Lewis Holt is a creative writing graduate student at Brigham Young University. Many of her visionary works including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and photography have been published in-print and on-line around the world by such places as Zimble House Publishing, Wingless Dreamer, Beyond Words and many more. She recently won first place in the David O. McKay Essay writing contest for nonfiction and is currently working on a fourth speculative fiction novel as well as another juvenile fiction novel. Jamie balances raising her five children, graduate studies, teaching, editing and publishing, a chronic illness, and various civic duties with the salvation of writing fictitious realities for readers of all ages.



Fiction Editor

Rebecca Callahan is a second year MFA in Fiction at BYU. Originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she now calls the mountains of Utah her home. In addition to writing, she loves reading, sewing, browsing thrift shops, and watching furniture refinishing videos on YouTube.





Poetry Editor

Ruth Arce is a Latinx poet and editor. She is an MFA graduate student at Brigham Young University. In addition to Inscape, she is the poetry editor for Soft Union. She believes in the functional approach to the visual elements of the printed poem, in which lineation can be used as an aesthetic element that is proactive with the other communicative elements of the poem to heighten and expose another dimension of the content. Her works explore themes such as time, the absurd, surrealism, human anatomy, memory, and experimental forms of verse and flash fiction. She lives in Provo, Utah.



Visual Art Editor(s)

Samantha Snyder is currently an MFA student at Brigham Young University. She loves to combine traditional printmaking techniques with the destruction and assemblage nature of collage. Her approach provides a language to navigate the uncertainty and seemingly thin nature of realities. Samantha is originally from the  Central Valley of California, but has lived in both Texas and Oregon where she taught Elementary school for several years. She now resides in Provo with her husband and 3 kids.



Faculty Advisor

Cheri Pray Earl graduated with her master’s degree in creative writing from Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1995 and has taught creative writing and literature courses for the BYU Honors Program and the English Department for more than 28 years. She was awarded BYU Honors Professor of the Year in 2005, which she brags about every chance she gets. Cheri has also worked as the faculty adviser and managing editor of Insight, the BYU Honors Magazine, as a writing coach for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Saints history project, and as a writer for the Church of Jesus Christ Saints history project. She’s written freelance articles and essays for the Marriott Alumni Magazine, BYU Honors Writer’s Handbook, and Segullah among others, and is currently the faculty advisor for Inscape.




Inscape Staff are made up of an Editor-in-Chief, Lead Editors, Interns, and Volunteers.

Lead Editor positions (Publicity, Design, Archival, Art, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction) usually come after some experience with the journal and are picked by the respective Editor-in-Chief of the given season.

Internships are offered during the Fall semester, and are open to BYU students through enrollment in ENGL 394R, a 3-credit course that includes instruction in publishing, editing, creative writing, and general professional development. Internships can also be giving through ELANG 351R, a 1 or 2 credit course for Editing and Publishing students.

Volunteers, during Fall and Winter semesters, are offered the same opportunities as interns, but without the obligations or rewards of college credit.