Editor-in-Chief: Noah Hickman
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Cazanave
Poetry Editor: Thew Curtis
Fiction Editor: Micah Cozzens
Nonfiction Editor: Carma Hiland
Art Editor: Carrie & Sam Everett
Design Editor: Candice Owens

Meeting Schedule for Winter 2020:
Thursdays from 5:30–8 p.m. in JFSB B181

Inscape Staff are made up of an Editor-in-Chief, Lead Editors, Interns and Volunteers.

Lead Editor positions (Managing, Publicity, Design, Art, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction) usually come after some experience with the journal and are picked by the respective Publisher of the given season.

Internships are offered during the Fall semester, and are open to BYU students through enrollment in ENGL 394R, a 3-credit course that includes instruction in publishing, editing, creative writing, and general professional development.

Volunteers, during Fall and Winter semesters, are offered the same opportunities as interns, but without the obligations or rewards of college credit.