Bennion, John 05 1308-70 English Dept Department Portraits August 29, 2013 Photo by Marcos Escalona/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2013 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

Faculty Advisor 

A native of the Utah desert, John Bennion writes personal and historical essays and fiction about people struggling with that forbidding landscape. He has published a collection of short fiction, Breeding Leah and other Stories (Signature Books, 1991), and three novels—Falling Toward Heaven (Signature Books, 2000), An Unarmed Woman (Signature Books, 2019), and Ezekiel’s Third Wife (Roundfire Books, 2019). He has published short stories and essays in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, Hotel Amerika, Southwest Review, Hobart Palaver, Utah Historical Quarterly, Best of the West II, High Country News, English Journal, and others. He is completing a collection of essays about his Bennion ancestors, who have ranched and lived in the western desert of Utah for six generations. He is an associate professor in the English Department at Brigham Young University, where he teaches writing fiction and creative non-fiction. He has twenty-three years experience leading outdoor writing programs that use the writing of personal essays to promote student growth. These include Wilderness Writing, Literature and Landscape, Integrated Natural History, and Insects, Writing, and Art.


Rebecca Cazanave - Editor-in-Chief for Inscape Fall 2020


Rebecca Cazanave earned her bachelor’s degree from BYU in English with minors in creative writing and editing. She’s currently working towards her MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in fiction as she finishes her thesis, a historical novel that takes place in Napoleonic Era Brazil. She loves working on publications and has written and edited for Stance: Studies on the FamilyBYU Life Sciences Magazine, and Latter-day Saint Insights where she worked as managing editor.

Rebecca not only loves to write, but she loves helping others grow as writers and readers. She’s taught or interned to teach courses in freshman composition, creative writing, technical writing, intro to English studies, and young adult literature, and she has also planned, hosted, and taught at BYU’s Young Adult Novelist Conference (YANCON) for two years. Additionally, Rebecca worked as a story and content writer for Playable Case Studies, a multidisciplinary team devoted to simulating immersive work experience for students.

For her writing and research, Rebecca has earned numerous awards and scholarships including placing first in the Vera Hinckley Mayhew Short Story competition, placing third in the Ann Doty Short Fiction Contest, receiving the LaVerna S. Clark Creative Writing Scholarship, and serving as the MFA program’s Graduate Student Association representative for two years. She feels honored to have worked on the Inscape staff as the assistant editor-in-chief for a year and now to take over the role as editor-in-chief.


Kath Richards - Assistant Editor-in-Chief for Inscape Fall 2020

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kath Richards received a bachelor’s degree in Technology Engineering from Brigham Young University in 2020 with a minor in creative writing. She is currently working on an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction at BYU where she also teaches freshman writing.

She is passionate about research and any discussion of romance. Easily moved by most literature, you can likely find her either crying or ranting about her most recent read (which she would probably love to talk to you about). She loves vampires, all things romance, pizza, and other cheesy carb-based dishes.


Lisa Christensen - Creative Nonfiction Editor for Inscape Fall 2020


Creative Nonfiction Editor

Lisa Christensen is a second-year MFA student who writes fiction and nonfiction. Before coming to BYU, she worked as a journalist and freelance writer.



Fiction Editor

Dallin Hunt was born in Draper, Utah but mainly grew up in New Meadows, Idaho, a gorgeous town in the mountains with a population of around 600. He served a mission in Bangkok, Thailand from 2013-2015, then did a few years at BYU but ended up getting his undergraduate degree at Southern Virginia University (it’s absolutely lovely there).

He is now working on my MFA in creative writing. Fiction is his area of emphasis, and his thesis will be a modern gothic/thriller novel. He didn’t become an avid reader or writer until just a few years ago, but he gained a love of literature through reading the classics and is now diving into the world of contemporary fiction. He is a huge fan of mountains, snow, the beach, Beck (the musician), The White Stripes, playing the piano, movies, the color green, and art of all kinds.

Shayla Frandsen - Assistant Fiction Editor for Inscape Fall 2020


Assistant Fiction Editor

Shayla Frandsen is a first year MFA student studying fiction. She earned her bachelor’s degree from BYU in English with a minor in humanities, and an MA in English from The City University of New York. She wrote her master’s thesis on King Arthur, the Holy Grail, and the works of poets and authors immediately following WWI (she promises that they’re all connected). She is currently writing the 2nd book in a trilogy of YA dystopian novels.

When she’s not completely ignoring life because she’s in the middle of reading a good book, she’s either binge watching something on HBO or going for a long run (she’s run 3 marathons, but is pretty sure, probably, that she’ll never run a 4th). Shayla has written for the Association for Mormon Letters and BCC Press, and has presented at Mormon Scholars in the Humanities. She has two kids, a husband, and one last baby coming in November of 2020.

Thew Curtis - Poetry Editor for Inscape Fall 2020


Poetry Editor

Thew Curtis is a 2nd year MFA studying poetry. He appreciates poetry in all its forms, believing, as John Ashbery says, “it is a question of distinguishing bad traditional art and bad avant-garde art from good traditional art and good avant-garde art.” He does have a soft side for the art of meter and rhyme and is currently writing a thesis of epistolary poetry written in heroic couplets. He’s always on the lookout for poetry that, as Dickinson says, “makes [his] whole body so cold no fire ever can warm [him].” He also enjoys drinking horchata, watching Jane the Virgin, and pretending to play the bongos.


Alexandra Malouf - Assistant Poetry Editor for Inscape Fall 2020


Assistant Poetry Editor

Alexandra Malouf loves writing poetry and lyric essays. In 2019, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from BYU and is now undertaking her MFA degree. In addition to editing with Inscape, Alexandra also works as the Special Projects Editor for the Victorian Short Fiction Project. She enjoys collecting bugs, listening to her husband read and folding paper art.



Inscape Staff are made up of an Editor-in-Chief, Lead Editors, Interns and Volunteers.

Lead Editor positions (Managing, Publicity, Design, Art, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction) usually come after some experience with the journal and are picked by the respective Publisher of the given season.

Internships are offered during the Fall semester, and are open to BYU students through enrollment in ENGL 394R, a 3-credit course that includes instruction in publishing, editing, creative writing, and general professional development. Internships can also be giving through ELANG 351R, a 1 or 2 credit course for Editing and Publishing students.

Volunteers, during Fall and Winter semesters, are offered the same opportunities as interns, but without the obligations or rewards of college credit.