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19.2 1999 Inscape Issue















What’s Funny and What’s True by Krista Halverson
The Grasshopper Holocaust of Summer Suburbia by Brian Jackson
Riding the Water by Shannon Murdock
The Dryer by Stephen Craig
Congratulations on Mandela by Patrick Madden
Wednesday Tennis by Christine Guerra
Purple Armchairs by Amy Baker
A Glimpse from Bald Peak by James Richards


A Vagrant’s Instructions for Children at the Trainyard by Q. Woodward
The Fruitcake I Bury in My Backyard Each January by Q. Woodward
On Grandmother’s Couch by Q. Woodward
Hors d’oeuvre by Alma Christl Call
Thin Daughter by Alma Christl Call
Man Silently to His Wife at the Meat Counter by Alma Christl Call
Breech by Jared Pearce
Chastity by Jared Pearce
Breakfast Catechism by Jared Pearce
A Response to Patrick Henry, Virginia, 1775 by Spencer Dunford
En Route to Damascus by Spencer Dunford
When Winter Dies by N. Andrew Spackman
Our First Christmas Eve by N. Andrew Spackman
Old McDonald [Had a Farm] by Joseph Anthony Hunt


Spaces Between Us: The Dialogues of Il and Elle by Nicole M. Christensen