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1983 Inscape cover


Absurdities of Prayer to the Metaphysical Absolute by Blake Ostler
The Grace of the Court by Dian Saderup
The Archetypal Feminine in Heinrich Von Ofterdingen by Carol Ann Hawkes


The Carriage House by Pauline Mortensen 
Pictures by Curtis Wade Bentley 
Proceedings of the November meeting of the Society for Mythopoeic Psychoanalysis 
and Monday Night Football by Nancy Bernbrock


Melodious Sonnet by Cynthia Hallen
Opulent White by Jill Christensen
Queen Anne's Maiden by Jill Christensen
Father and the Sea by Jill Christensen
Before Spring by Roger Terry
Solicitous Sights by Martha Dee Chappell
Untitled by Bryce Rytting