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Red Shoes by Kristine Fielding
Fruit Leather Suit by Jim Richards
Birth of a Daughter by Angela Colvin
The Man who Murdered Himself by Nancy Owens


Wrestling Esau by Jonathon Penny
Dear Oscar, There Are No Free Helicopter Rides by Ohio Faulkner
East of the River Birds by Patrick Madden
Soupe de Poisson by Eric Freeze
Pro Libertate by Kent Wallace


Free Casket Day by Jennie R. Leishman
The Sacrament at Ninety-Seven by Jim Richards
Birthday Package by Eric Freeze
Jelly Jars by Melody McGrath
Aria by Lisa A. Neilsen
In This Yard by Shannon Castleton
Unexpected to a Seven-Year-Old by Bryce E Knudsen
Rebirth by Melody McGrath
A Farmer at Confession by Jim Richards My Father, Keeping the Backyard by Shannon Castleton Pica by Krista Halverson Oil by Melody McGrath The Tomb Guard, Arlington Cemetery by Kevin Klein


Alyssa Dick