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The Name Game By Whitney Fox
Grounded by Christl Call-Cook 
Art by Scott Hanson
Anahola by Ed Whitley
Peace Purchased of Separation by Liesl M. Burkirk


Chris Carlson
Christina Dominguez


Autumn Mourning by Linda VanOrden 
A Sense of Belonging  by Arthur Westover
Hot Night with Aunt Coy by Krista Halverson
Fidalgo Island by Christl Call-Cook
House Call by Krista Halverson
Matriarch by Krista Halverson
How Witches Die by Jennie R. Leishman
My Grandfather's Chair on My Mother's Side by Kristen Tracy
Neighbor by Nathan Furr
These Questions by James Richards
How Many Witches Did Salem Hang? by Caren Schofield
Before I Came to My Body I Entered Elizabeth Bishop by James Richards
Sunburn by Sarah Jean Carter
Tandoori House by Linda VanOrden