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During the Second Wet Season that I lived in Jakarta by Brian Roberts
Stripping the Kitchen Floor by William DeFord
El principio (The Beginning) by John Alba Cutler
After Eden by Marilyn Nielson
Marie Curie, Dying by Marilyn Nielson
Penn Station Subway by Marilyn Nielson
Allergic Reaction by Ann Darrington
Untitled by Missy Ward
Learning the Alphabet by Bryce Bartlett
Jealousy by Trina Neville
The boy without much of a resume by Marta Dansie
An Artist as a Part-Time Model by Susan Krueger
Museum, Washington D.C. by Walter Rhead
To You by Walter Rhead
Marion by Anna Kohler
The Way Some People Imagine Ice by Scott Cameron
Hoping in Rock Canyon That My Words Can Escape Forgetting by Scott Cameron


Driven by Nathan Chai
Seven-Twenty by Josi J. Brewer
Slugs by Jessica Scoville
Palmarus Longus by Josi J. Brewer


D.C. in December by Matthew Kennington 
The Sacred and the Profane by Todd Condie