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Hawk of the Hieroglyphics by Teresa Keenan
Trout Fishing by Carri Sandholtz
The Cord by Mark Grimmins
Angelica by by Lisa Madsen
Sara by Lisa Madsen
Cockfight by James Papworth 
Littoral by Carrie Sandholtz
Each Day by James Papworth 
Short Stops by Gary Frazier 
Like Him by Eugene Woodbury
That Light by Philip White
Like A Susan by Eugene Woodbury
Soliloquy of a Painter's Mistress by Carla Thomas 
Georgia: July, 1961 by Carla Thomas 
Eleven Lines by Gary Frazier 
Portrait by Cory Felhbert 
Boys by Philip White

Short Stories

Floating Islands by Scott Hatch
Skyfish by Dave Wolverton 
Sticks by Zina Petersen 
For the Museum of Natural History by Carla Thomas 
Painting My House by Susan Fife


Neighbors on the Right-Hand Side by Carla Thomas 
Dirge for Tomas Kuku by Margaret Young 
Guavas by Tessa Meyer
Estates Adjoining Naboth's Vineyard by Maria Aladren