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Short Stories

Dream Island by Lance Larsen 
To Resurrect by Derek Gullino 
Trusting Mother by Henry Woodbury
Vivo Orfeo by David Veloz
Topman by William Powley
Objet d'Art by Zina Petersen


Elegy for Richards Coones by Lance Larsen
On the Road by David Veloz
Birds by Lance Larsen
Making Fruit Salad by Lance Larsen
Black Bean Stew by David Veloz
Howard by John Davies
John Bastien-Lepage: The Potato Gatherers by David Veloz
Washed and Flushed by David Veloz
Copper Basin by Jim Papworth 
Upon Seeing the Mona Lisa by Sally Taylor
Annie by Lance Larsen


Plate List by various artists


Swede by Lance Larsen
The Patterns of Grief by Colin Bay 
The House on Apulia Road by Jacqui Biggs Larsen