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Editor’s Note by Zach T Power

Open Lab by Laura Toland
From the Skate Park in Front of the Church by Bryn Watkins
While Chewing They Seemed Grateful by Joanna Ellsworth
Mauve by ShelliRae Spotts
Infinity is a Field by Aly Northrup
Liturgy by ShelliRae Spotts
Response by Sarah Farrar
Leak by Anne Thomas
Heat Lightning by Richard Merelman
The Logistics of Walking Through Walls by Laura Toland
Untitled by Michael Turner

The Sinkhole by Tesia Tsai
Fire Bird by Ha Ryn Ahn
Songs to Sing to Future Baby by Alison Maeser Brimley
Hands by Sophie Lefens

Lighting the Desert by Dominic Shaw
Golden Delicious by Claire Gillett
Vis-a-Vis by Hunter Buxton

Scott Russell Sanders
Michael Lavers
Martine Leavitt
Craig Santos Perez

Portrait of a Pear Tree by Bryan Hutchison