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Editor’s Note by Drew Rupard


A Long Way Down by Karina Andrew
Honey Candy by Elmo Ishii
The Live-In by Christi Leman
Don’t Ask Me Why Laura Kocherhans
The Infomercial Story by Abigail Stewart-Webb
Repentance by Heather Talbot


Bad Hair by Cicily Bennion
On Spokesmen by Kelly Burdick
Japanese Hairs by Moe Graviet
July Overture by Amanda Hall
Dream Variation in the Style of Jørgen Leth by Maren Loveland
Uncle Ben by Heather Talbot


Story Circle by David Bankson
US-395 by Miranda Clement
Bleach Bautismo by Mallory Dickson
Conticinium/Alight by Jonathon Egan
Manifold by Jonathon Egan
To My Younger Self, Who Begged for an Alf Poster by Jack Garcia III
Lady Stradivarius by Tina Hawley
Reading May Swenson by Theric Jepson
After Four Years in North Carolina by Alexandra Palmer
Beside an Accent Chair, in December by Alexandra Palmer
The Universe is Waiting to Disguise Itself by Isaac Robertson
Birches by Claudia M. Stanek
Summons by Claudia M. Stanek


Meg Day


Untitled (70s) by Karl Andersen
Untitled (Eye) by Karl Andersen
Untitled (Foot) by Karl Andersen
Untitled (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) by J. Lyman Ballif
Deer and Friend by Fiona Barney
Places by Bette Benson
Eavesdropping by Kate Butler
Man Driving a Truck by Greg Caldwell
Man Holding an Orange Cup by Greg Caldwell
Dating by Sam Carlson
To Be Close to You: no. 3 by Annelise Duque
To Be Close to You: no. 4 by Annelise Duque
To Be Close to You: no 13 by Annelise Duque
To Be Close to You: no 16 by Annelise Duque
Cloud with Flags by Maren Elmont
Red Noodle by Maren Elmont
Sausage Grid by Maren Elmont
Take Me Home by Sidney Fa’anunu
Untitled by Samantha Jameson
Waves by Melissa Larrocha
I Hope the Best for Everyone by McKay Lenker
Gods of the Desert by Mykaela Rogers
Spray Paint Weather by Aaron Rollo
Return to Sender by Zackery Rowley
Drive-thru by Madeline Rupard
Grocery Store Flowers by Madeline Rupard
Petsmart Goldfish by Madeline Rupard
Hombre de Sandia #1 by Steven Stallings
Hombre de Sandia #2 by Steven Stallings
Stream 1 by James Talbot
Stream 2 by James Talbot
Memory Sticks by James Talbot
Three Years by James Talbot
Love & Longing by Collin Edward White
R_P by Collin Edward White