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Red in the Sun by David Veloz 
Like You and My Knees by David Veloz 
Mensonge by Brent Pace
Winter Cleaning by Brent Pace
Generations by Bruce Pritchett
Skimming Currents by Bruce Pritchett
Death Calls by Timothy Liu
Fisherman's Wharf by Timothy Liu
This House by Teresa Keenan
Hurricane Betsy by Teresa Keenan
The Leaving by Dianna Black
The Lighthouse by Dianna Black
The Butcher of Canal Street by Philip White
Wyoming by Jesus Rodriguez 
'67 Thunderbird by Jesus Rodriguez


Hitting Dick by Laura Hamblin 
The Pylon Driver by Jesus Rodriguez
Oxford Street by Brian Kubarycz
Is This What You Wanted? by David Veloz 
Puddles, Paper Dolls, Portraits by Jacqui Biggs Larsen 
Forgetting by Colin Bay
Money, Money by Cherry B. Douch
Hey Jude by Francisco Guajardo

Visual Arts

Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Brian Kershisnik
Man Leaving Wife by Brian Kershisnik
Bird Crossing by Brad Aldridge 
Reflections by Kirk Ellison 
Ah Na Na Bird by Neal Slade
Consequences by Dawn Stewart
Madonna by Katrina Green 
Man with Left Hand Raised by Brian Kershisnik
Man Unaware of Angels by Brian Kershisnik
Knees by Russell Mohun
Wooden Steps by Wally Barrus
Talking of Michelangelo by Jacqui Biggs Larsen
Oddball by Paul Bergera