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Upon Going Through Grandmother's Things: Summer 1993 by Derek Otsuji
Stone by Derek Otsuji
Poem to a New Wife by David Passey
Upon the First Birth by David Passey 
fountain in city square by Mike Farr
Lens by Jane Brady 
Fishing for Salamanders by Michael Stevens 
Tijuana Poncho by Michael Stevens 
P.S. to the Stars Kael Moffat 
Con los muertos: El dia de los muertos, 1992 by Kael Moffat 
Chili Peppers Kael Moffat 
Amputations by Trent Hickman 
The hoe Bryce Knudsen
Cutting Sunday School by Sarah Jean Vantassel 


Charlie's Angel by Jana Scott
Subsisting by J.P. Steed
Skyscrapers by Matthew H. Kennington


Falling Down by David Pace
Desert Phoenix by Janet Lynn Garrard
Happy Birthdays by Shannon Keeley

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