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1985 inscape cover















An Archetypal Analysis of Sorensen's On This Star and Hémon's Maria Chapdelaine by Joseph C. Murphy
The Galleon by Lance Larsen


Charley in the Wind by David Wolverton
The Baby Catcher by Caroline P. M. West
Home for Xmas (with apologies to T. S. Eliot) by Margaret Blair Young


The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Act Two, Hamlet by Carter Burch


Blessed Are The Meek by Philip White
The Athenan by Scott Hatch 
Three Related Stanzas by Patricia Gunter
Seventh River by Patricia Gunter
Before Sunset by Danielle Beazer
A Fisherman's Love Song by Porn-Chai Juntratip
Snowshoeing by Cara Bullinger 
Medusa by Mark Crimmins
Electric Dryer Breakdown by Caroline P. M. West
Instructions to a Census Taker by Carla Thomas
Phantasmagoria by Carla Thomas
Phases: Twin Moons in Cancer by Virgina Baker
Utah Seagulls by Cara Bullinger
Town Plaza, Socorro, New Mexico by Patty Hatch