Winter 1987


Over the Other Side of the Country by L. Danielle Beazer
Christina's World by D. Kendric Blake
Palenque by Laura Hamblin
Sailing Through Chicago by Matt Mosman
Man of Corn by John David Wolverton
Moons by C. Wade Bentley 
Exodus by Mark Crimmins
The Half-Life by Cara Bullinger
Sheep Lake by James Papworth
The Molting Season by Laura Hamblin
A White-Haired Man by Gayanne Ramsden
Moon by Lance Larsen
Florida Beach by Rex Mohlman
Ellen by Michelle Douglas
Bharat by Michelle Douglas
Feed Mill Faces by James Papworth 
This, The Summer by L. Danielle Beazer
The Pig War by Matt Mosman 
From the Next Weird Sister by Laura Hamblin 
The Chalice by Cara Bullinger
Wizards and Elves by Cara Bullinger
The Whiteness of the Whale by Dan Muhlestein

Poetry Translations

Spring Night by Li Po 
Poem of the Peach Spring by Tau Yuan-Ming
Beneath This All There Sleeps a Horse by Gonzalo Rojas
I Keep at Home Under Key by Gonzalo Rojas
Numinous by Gonzalo Rojas

Short Stories

Sleeping Out by Lance Larsen 
The Phone Call by Tim Hansen 
Warming House by Randy Hawkinson 
The Smiling Man by John David Wolverton 
Corned Beef For Dinner by Cherry Douch


The Turtle by Melissa Knudsen
Sea Gull by Lance Larsen

Freshman Essay

Chappaqua by Jonathan Webber