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Ciao by Joanna Brooks
Roasted Almonds by William Powley 
The Matter of These Hours by Paul Rawlins 
Words for Kallie by Mary Lynn Bahr


Another Spring by Amy Harris 
Dad's Stride by Sterling Augustine 
On Her Birthday by Julie K. Curtis
Raconteur by Shauna Lee Eddy


Bartered by Nancy McBride
Early Pregnancy Test by Scott Calhoun
My Daughter's Sonogram by Scott Calhoun
Rented Shoes by Scott Calhoun
Fireflies by William Powley
Sudden Husbandry by William Powley
Halloran Pass by Joanna Brooks
To My Mother, Who Doesn't Like Feminists but Loves Me by Joanna Brooks
Midnight Brownies by Sean Ziebarth
Please Repeat the Renaissance by Saundra Cindrich
Praying Mantis by Nancy McBride
Sestina by Steen Lange 
Two Holidays by Mary Lynn Bahr