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short story

Sharlimar by Aaron Eastley
Tystnad by Gabrielle Bomgren
Shrink by Kjell Rosenberg
Eating the Old Thoughts by Terrie Petree
Lao-Tzu’s Black Ox by Matthew H. Kennington


Sounds of a House by Nathan Furr
Prophecy by Shannon Castleton
Farmer’s Wife to Farmer by Shannon Castleton
Ross by Brooks Briggs
The Knoll by Brooks Briggs
Sometimes I Say Goodbye by Kristen Tracy
Tide Pools by Derek Otsuji
To Keep by Steve Stewart
Confessional by Kim Walters
Walking D Home by Geoff Baker
Orpheus Rehorn by Geoff Baker
Ars Aquatica by Aaron Eastley

personal essay

Gaman by Derek Otsuji
Odds and Ends by Dana Anderson