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Cover art by Shannon ChristensenCover art by Shannon Christensen


War of the Worlds by Sara Blaisdell 
On the Drowning of Jeff Buckley by Travis Butterfield
Transitions by Theodore Martin Cross 
Community of a Line by Jenny Iverson 
Lilywhite by Kirk L. Shaw
Variation on Vardaman by Travis Butterfield 
Gender in Classical Mythology by S. Elizabeth Thompson 
You Deserve a Pepsi by Sara Blaisdell 
Ode to the Receding Hairline by Michael Hardy
on revolution by Ryan Peters


In as Much by a.e. marlowe
Coming from China by Karin Mei Li Inouye
Thomas Novotny by Nathan Kohl
Kingdom Hall by Tara Sheide


Sisters by Deanne Ford 
Kettle Corn by Garrett R. Hall 
Understanding by Rebecca Myler