When Coyotes Take the Bandstand, the Small Houses Lean by Joanna Brooks
Dad in the Kitchen by BJ Fogg
Seeing Egypt by Mary Lynn Bahr
Say "Thank You, Jesus!" by David Pulsipher
Art Can Be Naked by E. Brian Gentry
The Web by James Stanger
Ring Seller by William Powley
When I Have Thumbs by Sean T. Ziebarth
Unknown Pain by Michael Hassett
Treasure in Black by John L. Adams
If You Were A Plum by Jill Hemming
Pardon the Blues Here by Joanna Brooks
Ode to a Storm by Pilar Stewart
Wonder and Wondering: Five Meditations by Alison Craig
Not All Giving is Charity by William Powley
Autumn Hands by Laura Moulton
Companionship by Valerie Holladay

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