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Fall 2009 Cover

Editor’s Note by Brent Rowland

Reserves by Jason Torfin
The Test by Jordan Meier
Shrestha Mitra by Shertok Samyak
A Swimmer by Zac Cianflone

Paddington’s Restless Night by Jakob Chapman
Creation: Angelic Perspective by Cassie Keller Cole
Love Song by Cassie Keller Cole
Twenty-eight Elk Drown After Falling Through Ice by Calvin Olsen
Grand Parents by Miki Smith
Human Circus by Tyler Singleton
It Ended Quietly by Austin Rory Hackett
Memory of Jazz by Kelsey Smith
Thanks to Ted Hughes by Sarah Quinn
My Wholesale Romance by Sarah Quinn
Fishing by Mikaela Lane
Junkyard Love Elegy by Derk Olthof
The Dead by Kevin Hart
Tomorrow by Kevin Hart
My First Tie by Kevin Hart
Summer by Kevin Hart

Seed by Ashley mae Christensen
Caregiver by Greta Ballif

[untitled] by Megan Trueblood
[untitled] by David Scott
[untitled] by Claire Buys
[untitled] by Houston Trueblood
[untitled] by Christine Armbruster
[untitled] by Leslie Duke
[untitled] by Daniel Embree

Kevin Hart with Brent Rowland

So Much Still Remains reviewed by Courtney Price