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Fall 2008 Cover

On a recent jaunt through our archives, I learned that without our noticing Inscape recently passed its 25th anniversary. Some very talented writers have been published in the past two-and-a-half decades, including a few writers who have returned to BYU to teach. Inscape is proud of remaining a quality a quality venue for student-produced writing and hope that this tradition will carry on. We’d like to thank this semester’s staff for all of their fine work as well as our faculty advisor Patrick Madden for his keen eye and pertinent Rush allusions. Also, thanks go to the visiting writers of the English Department Reading Series who provided the quotes you see before every image. Finally, Inscape would not be possible without our writers, whom we thank for allowing us to publish their work.

Inscape Editor

The Instinct to Climb a Fence by Kate Finlinson

Glass of Water by Claire Åkebrand
Driving Through Montana by Claire Åkebrand
Thief in the Night by Claire Åkebrand
Spork by Ellis Clarke
Away by Jeff Harris
Last Days by Sydney Kiker
Why I am Haunting Your Dental Floss by Meghan McGrath
To My Mother, After the Stroke by Julia Moore
February 29 by Cassie Stoneman

How To Sneeze by Bryce Isaacson
Lost But Not Forgotten: A Mormon Confessional by Alma Jean
A Text Message by Katherine Elaine Sanders
On Wrinkles by Christina Tibbetts

Robocopper by Clayton Bailey
Robojuke by Clayton Bailey
Wormbot1 by Clayton Bailey
Technical Climb by Eliesa Lake
Fresh Paint by Tammy Messick
Graffiti by Tammy Messick
Kursk by Jordan Reasnor
You Play Ball Like a Girl by Jordan Reasnor
The Parlor by Jordan Reasnor
Come Back Afghanis by Skoticus
Cities. Charles by Skoticus
Confessions by Skoticus
Edited by Jack by Skoticus
Enduring Concepts by Skoticus
Globes by Skoticus
National The Post by Skoticus
Passing by Skoticus
Chairs by Amanda Stoddard

Brian Doyle’s Thirsty For The Joy  reviewed by Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas
Kimberly Johnson’s A Metaphorical God: Poems reviewed by Brent Rowland
Paul Rawlin’s No Lie Like Love: Stories reviewed by Tim Wirkus