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Drive by Parker Smith
Tickle Me by Parker Smith
Deaf by Lindsey Webb
The Weight Sings by Andy Andersen
Born in the Dirt by Kelsey Allan
Autobiography by Tara Boycer
Arguments for Eye Contact by Paul Bills Steel
Expecting Sand Crabs by Summer Ellison

Giving Life by Rebekah Elliott
Poor Ways to End a Love Story by Tyler Corbridge

Paper Games by Melanie L. Henderson
Oh, Michigan by Ryan Brown
For Lissa by Tara Boyce
Harvesting Early Blush in a California Summer by Bryan Mulker

Untitled 5 by Brooklyn Johnson
London Series by Brooklyn Johnson
A Park for Holy Feet by Brooklyn Johnson
First Snow and the Margins of the World by Brooklyn Johnson
Untitled by Natasha Watts
Untitled by Natasha Watts
Untitled by Natasha Watts
Sunflower by Natasha Watts
Reflections on the Effect that Repeated Viewings of Mountain has on a Person by Ron Linn
I’ve Walked this Path Again and Again by Ron Linn
Oregon by Andrea Thompson
Mae Sai, Thailand by Andrea Thompson
Frames by Andrea Thompson
Florence by Andrea Thompson
Fleeting Landscapes by Andrea Thompson
Age by Andrea Thompson
Window View by Missy Varner