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Fall 2012 | Edited by C Dylan Bassett

“Arriving from always, you’ll go away everywhere.”

-Arthur Rimbaud

Dear reader: Go read. This issue is a winding stair. This issue is a dirty hula hoop. In this issue, you forget about fingernails. You forget about shoes and breakfast. The names get mixed up and the bathrooms are flooded. A mattress swings from a meathook. A blind man stands watch with an axe. You are a backyard archeologist collecting the trinkets of your ancestors. Picture frames and knives. Love letters. Boxes of silver candles. You put on their clothes and feel nostalgic. You forget what is yours and what belongs to the dead. In this issue: the blood is fake but the bleeding is real. The children’s feet are muddy. The church is roofless. Snow makes everything taller.


2 A.M by Jia Oak-Baker
An Evening Storm at Utah Lake by Truedson J.S.
Am Abend by Michelle Oakes
Etudes by Jia Oak-Baker
Kindled Life by Estée Arts
Oh No by C Dylan Bassett and Summer Ellison
Poems by Estée Arts
Prosaic by Truedson J.S.
Selkies by Maddison Colvin
Sigh 001 by Maddison Colvin
Sigh 003 by Maddison Colvin
Sugar Loaf by Garrett Root
Sunday’s Baby Shower by Estée Arts
The Captain’s Poems by Parker Smith
The Eternal Return by Kylan Rice
The Leatherbacks at Matura by George Handley
The Man from St. George by Truedson J.S.
We Begin at Lake Calhoun by Jia Oak-Baker

Anadromous by Trent Leinenbach
Offerings by Alison Maeser
Plotting in the Secretarial Pool by Angie Pelekidis
Wetland by Allison Hill

On Discovering a Fire by Maddison Colvin
Orbital by Trace Timothy Cross
Pool of Bethesda by Nick Jones
Where are you from? by Phoebe Cook

Matthew Batt
Mark Strand