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A Stillbirth by Cherise Bacalski
Birthmark by Cherise Bacalski
[you–in a still pond] by Cherise Bacalski
from Datum by Nicholas Gulig
from Datum by Nicholas Gulig
from Datum by Nicholas Gulig
Currently Dead by Lexi Johnson
Standing Definitions, Current by Lexi Johnson
Wolves by Sophie Lefens
“Your Inner Goddess is Persephone,” Says Suzanne’s New Age Quiz by Kylie McQuarrie
The Summer After Trek I Dream In Lime Green by Kylie McQuarrie
Mayfly by Shane Peterson
Heroin by Jesse Quebbeman-Turley
I Could No Longer Console Myself with Rilke’s Line ‘Sweet As the Memory the Mimosas Steep in the Bedroom’ by Kylan Rice
Fauntleroy Receives His Wings by Sam Thayn
In Tokyo After the Miscarriage by Katie Wade-Neser
The Real Problem by Katie Wade-Neser
Backcountry by Amber Watson
Lost Things by Amber Watson
Illness by Lindsey Webb
Trying to Have a Moment at Capitol Reef by Darlene Young
Nothing Lonely Goes Here by Abigail Zimmer
One Nice Unit to Measure by Abigail Zimmer
Reduce the Scene and Stage by Abigail Zimmer

The Canal by Isaac Blum
Footprints by Ben Dearden
The Loneliness Café by Richard Dokey
Three Days Out by Frank Scozzari
And Like You I Am Very Miserable by Rachel Sherman
So and So and So by Sam Thayn

Timp by Drew Botcherby
A Lone A Last A Loved A Long by Madison Beckstead Bowman
The Jesus Road by Brian Doyle
Killing by Rigdon Holmquist
Rocks by Dallin Law
Om Mani Padme Hum by Rachel Rueckert
On Artichokes and Systems by Carin Olavson

Susan Howe
Willard Spiegelman
Nicole Walker

Untitled (Rainbow Barf) by Jacob Haupt
Third Dimension by Melissa McNamara
False Idea of Freedom by Daniele Vickers
Foundation by Daniele Vickers
The Leap by Natalie Wood
More Important by Daniele Vickers
Untitled by Daniele Vickers
All Jump Up and Never Come Down by Natalie Wood
I-15 by Natalie Wood
Lights 1 by Natalie Wood
Lights 2 by Natalie Wood
Memory as Stranger by Natalie Wood
Tundra by Natalie Wood
Tunnel by Natalie Wood