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00 - Cover - Lexi_Johnson-High_Knees

Editor’s Note by Adrian Thayn

Publikum by Merril Asp
How to Drink Tequila by Lauren Bledsoe
Wontons in my American Kitchen by Hadley Griggs
Aphorisms on the Pen by Briggs Helton
For Thomas by Briggs Helton
To the Ghost of Ginsberg by Briggs Helton
View of Nopales from a Whale Bone by Lindsey Keller
The Drive Home by Scott Porter
Blue #17 by Shelli Rae Spotts

Dolce by Elisabeth Baird
Dear Pastor John by Aloe Corry
When Things Stop Decomposing by Meg McManama

From the Earth by Michelle Aguiar
Dressing for Mass by Brian Doyle
But the Thing that Undid Him by Mel Henderson

C. Dylan Bassett
Ron Carlson
Philip Lopate

Faces in Nonplaces by Rachel Barney
Man in a Small Town by Nick Bontorno
Untitled #3 (From Flower Series 3) by Kendal Bryan
Untitled #1 (From the Series In Between) by Kendal Bryan
Untitled #10 (Buildings 1-10) by Kendal Bryan
What Should We Eat for Dinner? by Greg Caldwell
C090515-2 by Maddison Colvin
Exhalation by Pearl Corry
Untitled (Land of One Thousand Dances) by Eric Edvalson
Poli’ahu by Amelia Eversole
1 by Americo Gariety
11 by Americo Gariety
15 by Americo Gariety
Tree at Night by Sutten Garnett
Untitled (Burning) by Sutten Garnett
Everything I Know About Space by Jacob Haupt
Untitled by Jacob Haupt
Untitled by Jacob Haupt and Noah Jackson
High Knees (Cover) by Lexi Johnson
Side Stretch by Lexi Johnson
Kirin by Mike Lee
Conflicts of Interest by Madeline Rupard
Salad Bar by Madeline Rupard
Shadows of Everything I Wore to the Studio by Daniele Vickers