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Editor’s Note by Zach T Power

The Secret of My Parent’s Marriage
 by Yvonne Higgins Leach
Dew Claws for Everybody by Carol Hamilton
Corbin’s Birthday by Carol Hamilton
Procession on Cochran Road by Gaby Bedetti
Dinner Time by M. Anthony C.
Quodam by Sarah Farrar
Mill River in the Evening and a Funeral by Tamara Thomson
Fallacy by Tamara Thomson
Letter to Stevie Smith by Lainey Wardlow
Heliocentric by Hayley Rawle
Colin Nathaniel Scott Falls into Yellowstone Geyser by Meg McManama
Time to Go by Guinotte Wise

by Ellie Peek
A Letter to Sunday by Ellie Peek
Evelyn’s Hands by Heather Thomson

Trudy by Tamara Thomson
Mr. Postman by Daniel Watts
Angels Wear White by Samuel Burton

Digital Art
by Sara K. Bown
In Between by Sara K. Bown
Untitled by Sara K. Bown
Spontaneous Combustion (1), (2), and (3) by Aloe Corry
Untitled Photographs by Eric Edvalson
Clay as Clay by Brandon Boulton
Trillionish by Caitlyn Pearson