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My Father-In-Law from the Shores of Lake Powell

by Nathan Robison

I see my father-in-law,
that old atheist,
by the top of his head—
the tip of the iceberg.

that old atheist—
on his sunrise swim among
the tip of icebergs
masquerading as Lake Powell rocks.

On his sunrise swim. Among
the dangers of the reservoir
masquerading as Lake Powell rocks:
eight-foot suckers and Anasazi bones.

The dangers of the reservoir
maroon me, a god-fearing man.
Eight-foot suckers and Anasazi bones
haunting my dreams of land.

Maroon me, a god-fearing man
some place I can see the bottom of,
haunting my dreams of land
with images of shade no more.

By the top of his head
he enters the deep with a dive.
From the red Powell bergs
I see my father-in-law.