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by William Bishop

Lying awake at night
I decided her long teeth
look like John Elway's—
the grinning
triumphant in the Kentucky Derby
or Super Bowl.

But lately, when she smiles,
I no longer think of football
lying awake at night.

I think of two yellow braids,
a red, fleshy laugh and
lips to match.
I think, laying awake at night,

not so much of
horse teeth, truth
or dare or
the fences we've hopped, but of
Blue eyes.
And then it
occurs to me as I
roll over onto my back.
It occurs to me like
some sort of Tom Sawyer
turning twelve.
It occurs to me as I close my eyes and,
for the first time, think
what if we were to—
just maybe, what if we
pull out
those pink ribbons, let it
all unravel
and forget about football
and forget about braids.

William Bishop was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He spent two years as a
missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Spain's Canary Islands.
Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Brigham Young University
in 2004, he currently resides in Provo, Utah, while he works on a Master's degree in
comparative studies from BYU. Since October of 2002, Will has been an active
participant in The Poetaster Project, the university's informal poetry club.