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will it be in black and white

by Chloë James

in this picture kurt cobain is wearing more
eyeliner than I did yesterday
when I abandoned my tea for an introspective
look into the weathered eyes. I am stolen again, for a moment
by age, depressions and pale gray variations in skin.
how does each framed eye, the colorless,
become water and ash at the moment we see each other.
I have crow's feet too. I'm twenty-two.
I layer thick, black pigment over
the fragile skin
mimicking rolling stone's rendering. I'll take up smoking
if it will make me care less
when the terror comes.
Chloe James earned her BA in English at BYU in April 2005. She presented her original
poetry portfolio at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference (WSU, 2005)
and was one of three students chosen to present individual creative work for the
English Department Reading Series (BYU, 2004). Chloe enjoys photography, oil painting
and the solitary drive to Southern Utah. She currently lives in Sandy with her dog,
Skipper. and loving roommates (most call them her parents).
This is her second appearance in Inscape.