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Author Bios

Contributors (Spring 1995)

FRANK CHRISTIANSON is a first-year Master's student at
Brigham Young University. His current emphasis is creative writing,
but he is also interested in contemporary theory and literature. As
an undergraduate, Christianson studied English and played on the
BYU football team.

MICHAEL MITTON, a Salem, Oregon, native, studies economics
and philosophy at BYU. He plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in
economics. Mitton is a previous winner of an Inscape contest and
won second place in the David H. Yarn Essay Contest in 1994.

DAVID PACE is finishing a Master's Degree in American literature
and creative writing. After his April graduation, Pace plans on
either law school or a doctoral program. He has a novel in progress
titled Clear Friends and was a fiction winner in the Vera Hinckley
Mayhew contest.

TRACI OBERG graduated in English from BYU in December,
and although she is still undecided as far as graduate work is con-
cerned, Oberg knows she wants to write. Oberg has won previous
Inscape contests and published a story in an earlier issue of Inscape.
In addition to her writing, she is busy hosting a radio show and
coaching basketball at Provo High School.

DEREK OTSUJI graduated with a double major in English and
Japanese and is now a first-year Master's student at BYU. Otsuji
was awarded the Hinckley Scholarship, the Thomas Award from
the English Department, and an honorable mention prize in the
1994 Vera Hinckley Mayhew poetry contest.

KRISTEN TRACY did her undergraduate work at Loyola
Marymount University and is currently pursuing her Master's at
BYU. A native of Ucon, Idaho, Tracy taught high school in the Los
Angeles inner city before beginning graduate work. Her
poetry has appeared in L.A. Miscellany and the Student Review.

CASUALENE MEYER is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the
University of Southern Mississippi. She recently completed her
Master's with a creative writing emphasis at BYU, where she also
did her undergraduate work. Meyer has won numerous poetry con-
tests at BYU, most notably the 1994 Hart-Larson Poetry Contest.

MICHAEL SMITH has studied at BYU where his fiction has
earned honors. Smith's story, Luci and Lujean's, won first prize in
the 1994 Vera Hinckley Mayhew Fiction Contest. Smith currently
resides in Sale Lake City, Utah.

ELISSA MINOR, a native of Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a freshman
at BYU An English major, Minor plans on a Ph.D. and a career
writing poetry. She admires the work of William Stafford, another
Lake Oswego native, and John Ashberry.

ADAM BLACKWELL did his undergraduate work in Norwiche,
England, in theater and film and is currently working on his
Master's at BYU. Blackwell won the Vera Hinckley Mayhew
Playwriting Contest for his play, The Absent One. Another of
Blackwell's plays, Blind Dates, was a finalist in the 1994 Siena
International Playwrights Competition. Blackwell has been the
BYU Playwright of the Year for the last two years.

CHRIS TALBOT grew up in the Washington, D.C., area and
plans to return there this spring when he graduates with a B.S.A. in
photography. Talbot's photos in this issue came from a special
projects class and were later displayed in a show titled "The Ends
of the Earth. " His collection won an Undergraduate Research and
Creative Work Award at BYU in 1994. Some of these photos won
a Jurors Choice Award in the BYU Student Art Show in 1994 and
were also exhibited in the 1994 Intercollegiate Art Show.