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by Maryjan Gay Munger

Donna Yeates, my mother's friend, was once 
Mary in the ward Christmas program.
As herself, she had no children, couldn't
even gain weight, which seemed to me 
part of the problem. She sighed
to my mother that though she drank straight 
cream, her face never softened, her arms 
bony as bird legs never grew any rounder. 
The year she was Mary she wore midnight 
blue. Her skin was pure as milk, her hair 
looked blue-black. She carried herself
with the swan look of pregnant women, 
their lovely, weary necks, their big 
buoyant bodies. I thought golden Gabriel
must have streamed through her window in a white 
smock, yoked with two buckets of fresh
cream, saying, "Take, drink, thou highly 
favored. Praised be thy name among women."

MaryJan Gay Munger, a graduate student in English, lives in Springville with her husband, Casey. They are expecting their first child.