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by Isaiah Rubio

"RESIDUAL I" by Samantha Atzbach

“RESIDUAL I” by Samantha Atzbach

                                          With this handgun
                                                                 I pull 

                                                            the trigger
                                                  de  stroy

             my third eye. The muse
                      says nothing,

                                           leaves me

                      in silence. I burn
                                    my pile of wood
                                    on the first day

              of winter. I hide in churches
                                                                to save

                      for the retribution. I think

                                     I want this. 

Isaiah Rubio is studying poetry in the MFA program at Brigham Young University.

(Art) Sam Atzbach (b. 1998) is currently living and working in Provo, Utah. Her foci are painting, 
textile, and sculpture. Her work examines the relationship between predecessor and successor, the 
weight of being, and the immutable collective unconscious that exists within the sentient and 
insentient, irrespective of time and space. She seeks to reconcile the constant pull from the past and 
push of the future to find space in the present in-between through an assemblage of apparition-like 
figures, guttural marks, found stones, and organic forms, both human and non-human.