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6 Tips from the Daily Writing Routines of Famous Authors

The hardest part of being a writer is simply getting started. Often, we let our fear of failure stop us from pursuing writing  and pushing to become the published author we have always dreamed of being. By looking at successful writers, we can gain inspiration and learn what motivated them to write and publish the works we know and love today. Here are a few tips from the daily writing routines of famous authors to inspire you to get writing. 

1. Write First Thing in the Morning and Every Single Day

Many authors begin their day with a couple of hours of writing. Starting off the day with this practice can help orient your brain for a day of inspiration and productivity. 

Haruki Murakami begins his day at 4 am and writes for “five to six hours;” Donna Tartt pushes herself to write “3 hours” every day; and Virginia Woolf would write from “9:30 am to 12 pm” each day. The consistency of a routine helps to keep ideas flowing and starts your day on the right track. 

2. Switch It Up! 

Maybe you are like Emily Dickinson and can find all the inspiration you need in your bedroom, but many of us are not Dickinson. We need excitement, a change of scenery, and some fresh sounds, smells, and tastes. 

Donna Tartt’s writing routine for The Goldfinch drove her to the New York Public Library where she worked each morning and took in the atmosphere to help her with her writing. The writing routines of famous authors include drawing inspiration from the world around them, so go outside and see what inspires you.

3. Keep a Journal

Joan Didion always preached the importance of keeping a journal. She claimed that with how often life changed, it was important to keep a record. You can hold onto journal entries and always look back for inspiration and clarity as life becomes confusing. 

Keeping a journal allows you to always keep track of your inspiration and ideas—use them for inspiration during  future writing projects. 

4. Be Patient With Yourself

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your novel will not be written in a day, either. While writing every day is important, some days you’ll feel more energy and inspiration than others. . When you feel the flow, go with it and write as much as you can, but when you don’t feel that flow, it is okay to take a break. Being mean and impatient with yourself will not make your writing better. 

5. You Must Be a Reader to Be a Writer

In many author interviews, writers speak of their own favorite novels or what they are currently reading. The writing routines of famous authors include reading, and reading widely. Many of these authors claim that setting apart time during the day to read helps them become better writers, and we,too, should practice the same. 

By branching out and seeing what other authors are doing, we will be able to keep a pulse on the market, stay afloat with the literary conversation, and gain artistic inspiration . Make time during your day not just to write, but to read 

6. Find Your Inspiration, Get Writing, and Follow the Writing Routines of Famous Authors 

Writing routines are as unique and one of a kind as the writer. What works for someone else may not always work for you, however, the trick is to just get writing. Try out some different routines, find the one that fits your individual needs, and go for it!

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