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By Sharlee Mullins Glenn

I praise the God of blobfish, narwhals, newts,
of warty frogfish, goblin sharks, and yaks.
I praise the God of sawfish, sea pigs, sloths,
of panda ants, and dumbo octopi.
I praise the God of poodle moths and moles,
of bats, and bioluminescent eels.
I praise the God of eerie glowworm caves,
of spider crabs, and Chinese water deer.
To such a God as this, I give my heart.
There is no doubt that God is wise and good,
but bearded pigs alone provide the proof
that God is also fanciful and droll.
Then songs of praise I’ll sing forevermore,
for who could not a playful God adore?


Sharlee Mullins Glenn has published poetry, essays, short stories, articles, and criticism in periodicals as varied as Women’s Studies, The Southern Literary Journal, Segullah, BYU Studies Quarterly, Ladybug, and The New York Times. She is also an award-winning author of children’s books.