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By Dalene Rowley

soft white blanket falls
in the crook of her arm

puckering in layers
at her curve, feather-light crystals

reverse silhouette her bare
branches whisper of leaves

long fallen sacred hum
of hope promising tender 

green come spring



Dalene Rex Rowley graduated from BYU in 1987 with a B.A. in English and a French minor. To answer the oft-heard question “What will you do with an English major?” Dalene has worked as an associate editor for a community newspaper; written a number of essays, poems, newsletters, press releases, and the occasional letter to the editor; served as blog editor of Segullah; and enjoyed years of experience as an instructional designer specializing in training for firefighters and aviation. Most importantly, Dalene’s time spent with good literature encourages her to be a decent human and to share her love of reading to her children and grandchildren. In her other life, Dalene wants to be excellent at a number of things, but in this one she’s settling for baking a delicious sour cream lemon pie, learning to watercolor, being a loyal friend, and aspiring to moments of goodness as a wife, mother, and grandmother.