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Letter from the Editor by Amy E. Jensen

Academic Papers

Preserving the Rhetorical Nature of Writing Centers When Going Online by Lisa Eastmond Peabody
Chivalry, Love Physiology, and a Reevaluation of Sir. Gawain’s Sin by Daniel Brough
Irish Identity in Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark by Peter Jasinski
T. S. Eliot and the American Tradition by Karl Thomas Rees
When Freshmen Give You Lemons…: How to Put Your Students’ Clichés to Good Use by Ted Barnes
A Pilgrim’s Progression in Representation: John Bunyan’s Use of Image, Word, and Imagination by Jacquelyn Christensen
Education at Hogwarts: Colonizing the Muggle by Christian Sorensen
United by Our Sympathies: Nineteenth-Century Mormon Women Read George Eliot by Sheree Maxwell Bench


Checkmating Elder Kirkland by Matt Crosby
Permanent by Jeremy Rigby 
Slider: Chapter One by Timnah Card


Angel’s Landing by Laura Stott
Tanka by Laura Stott
Excerpt from “Origins” by Xóchtil Michaela Anson
X + Y = 1: The Miller’s Daughter Speaks by Melanie Hinton
Vacationing in Koosharem, Utah by Melanie Hinton
Storage Room by Melanie Hinton
A Waitress Replies by Melanie Hinton