Fall 1984

Personal Essay

A Nurtured Season by Maryan Myres
Hopping a Train by John Snyder


The Catalyst by Steve Mahlum
Wind Ensemble by Craig Witham 
The Auction by Darrin Cozzens 
Hotspell by Carla Thomas 
Confession in a Light-wrapped Room


Pals by Julie Boxx


First Night Home by Barry McKendry 
The Oil-Child by Carla ThomasĀ 
Forecast by Carla ThomasĀ 
Love Song Early Evening by Philip White 
Caroline P.M. West by Digging in the Iris 
Visiting Seattle by Corey A. Blades 
Requiem for a Dean by David Harmer 
Ode to a Dean, Deceased by David Harmer