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Table of Contents

Wings - Laura Rhoton 
A Mormon Poem: The Beach - Jesus Rodriguez 
Evening in Biloxi - Colin Bay 
Sons and Screenplays - Gary Burgess 
The Heat - Timothy Liu 
Where Things Were Quiet - Laura Hamblin 
Home - Jesus Rodriguez 
Revelation - Janette Devine 
Slag - Jesus Rodriguez 
The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss - Julie Turley 
October in Kawhatchett, Minnesota - Jesus Rodriguez 
A Poem for David - Katie Kowalski 
Any Title, Really, As Long As It Only Suggests (A Minimalist Metastory) - Colin Bay 
Air Stories - David Beus 
Noon Bathers - Brent C. Pace 
Notes After Seeing The Atomic Cafe - Dianna Black 
The Art of tsp. and Tbs. - Cherry Douch 
Rebecca's Song - Dianna Black 
What Being Pretty Is All About - Jesus Rodriguez 
Mirage - Steve Jackson 
At the Bus Stop - Katrina Green 
Beth's House - Jesus Rodriguez