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Maybe by S. Elizabeth Thompson
My Father-In-Law from the Shores of Lake Powell by Nathan Robison
Emergence by S. Nash Woodward
Sum(marry) by S. Elizabeth Thompson
Letter of Apology by Aaron Robert Allen
Tell Me About India by Annette C. Boehm
Eleven Years Ago September by Ashley Christensen
Cool Drink in a Hot Tub by Aaron Robert Allen
Spam Haiku by Megan Graves
Maths by Chloë James
Manyatta by S. Nash Woodward
Eve by Chloë James
In Winter by Sanna Henke

Personal Essay

Rose-Colored Glasses by Sean Bailey


Still Life: Flowers in Vase by Katy Street Larson
In Pace Requiescat by Nathan Robison
Untitled by James Gunter
Portraits by Erin Margaret Barker