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Tribute to  Leslie Norris

Walking in the White Fields by Lance Larsen
Driving Home by Leslie Norris


Revisionist History by Amy Scott
Name by Stephen David Grover
Partir c’est mourir un peu by Olivia Lewis
Wanderings by Alison Faulkner
Adopted or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tears by Amy Scott
Margarita Didn’t Mind by Lina Ferreira


Creationism: Five Theories by Jon Ogden
Washing by Jim Dalrymple
And His English Is Good by Adrienne Aggen
Necesidades by Steven Kent
In the End by Chris Nielsen
On Watching the Godfather I, II, and III by Joseph Friend
Isaiah 35—One by Natalie Cox
Frequency by Adrienne Aggen
Red by Lisa Fraser
Football Poem by Henry Pye
Sterile by Jon Ogden
Apparition by Adrienne Aggen
Textbooks and Breakfast by Lisa Fraser
The Junction by Michael Judd


Wanderlust by Erin Ott
Surely the People Is Grass by Julia DeLong
The Names by Wendy Wittwer
Couching Westwood by Jeff Tucker


The Creative Process
Poets on Poetry
Advice to Writers