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Touching The Colorline - Inscape Fall 2020 - BYU Student Journal

“Touching The Color Line” by Aïsha Lehmann Tanner

Editor’s Note by Rebecca Cazanave


Antibiotics by Micah Clemence

The Garden by Zach Murphy

Possibility #257 by Madelynn Jones

Channel Thirty-Eight by Cody Byers


Ode to Spell Cheak by Paul Guajardo

We by Anelise Leishman

On Melancholia by Sarah Safsten

My sister must speak her mind, sometimes by Isabella Zentner



Overindulgence by Madison Banfield

Great Lake Prayer by Danny Daw

Ombra della Sera by Sam Niven

Talking before Dawn by Rebecca Billings

In the Loveland Aquarium by Sam Niven


Yamile Saied Méndez

Kristen Chandler



Touching the Color Line by Aïsha Lehmann Tanner / Front Cover

What am I really? by Aïsha Lehmann Tanner / Back Cover

Untitled by Amelia O’Neill

Many Hands Make Light Work by Caley Abliez

My Hypothetical Contribution to the Bible by Eleanor Larson

this preceded you! 1 by Samantha Atzbach

this preceded you! 2 by Samantha Atzbach

Mossy II by Carrie Jube Everett

Sisters by Katelynn McKinnon

Tied by Sara Lindsay

Census by Aïsha Lehmann Tanner

Next Door by Samira Herber

Good Morning by Madison Banfield

Advice Cloud by Myleka Bevans

Calm My Worried Mind, Dear Lord by Jenna Conlin

la jefa by Mario Alcauter

The Lookout by Amelia O’Neill

Sorting and Ordering (Bags) by Megan Arné