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Creative Writing

The Taste for Art by Amy E. Jensen 
writing on my birthday by Amy E. Jensen

Early British Literature

Forming the "Chain of Chains": Rosalind and the Magic of Love in As You Like It by Elisa Clements
Hamlet, Fool of the Danish Court: A New Reading of the Prince's Role at Elsinore by Steven Storheim
Robinson Crusoe: Defoe's Spiritual Crusade through the Empire by Benjamin W. Zimmer
Fanny Burney's Mr. Macartney: A Gilded Solution to the Socio-Economic Problems of the London Literary Market by Emily Gigger

Late British Literature

Anti-Imperialism and Racism in Heart of Darkness by Jana Lloyd

American Literature

Queequeg and Ahab: The Noble and the Savage by Nathan Walton
The Decay of the American Dream: Tennessee Williams and The Glass Menagerie by Matthew Squires
Elocution in the 1920s: The Downfall of the Great Gatsby by Brian Rich
The "Gentle Doubter" and the Courageous Unbeliever: Influence of Mill on the Floss on My Antonia by Sarah Bylund