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Missouri by Stephenie Swindle Clark
Woodshedding by Paul Rawlins
Babyloo Across My Twinkling Floor by Stephenie Swindle Clark 


Rhythms by Marni Asplund Campbell
Protection by Nyle Smith
Cemetery Day by Paul Rawlins
Catfish by Alex Faletti


Angel Hair Streams Down (for Deidre) by Scott Elgin Calhoun
Zambia by Paul Rawlins
Between Here and Verdi, Nevada by Jill Hemming
Falling into the sea in bits and pieces: San Diego 1989 (for Millie) by Scott Elgin Calhoun
Uncle Al by Eric Whiteside
Descending a Ten-percent Grade on a Bicycle at Midnight: Sundance, Utah by Scott Elgin Calhoun
At Geology Lab in Idaho (with my lab partner Kerry) by Jill Hemming
For Joe Urzza by Cody Winchester
Porcupine Days and Nights by David D. Jensen
A Letter by Paul Rawlins
Confirmation by Marni Asplund Campbell
For Flannery O'Connor by Jill Hemming
Winter by Cody Winchester
House of Milk and Honey by Daniel Harper
House in the Marsh by Eric Whiteside