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An artist's depiction of a oval group of crabs crawling on top of each other.
Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note
On Digital Epistemology (or On the New Cosmography) by Kylan Rice

The 2013 World Series by Estée Arts
Welding by Tanner Bean
Halcyon by Lauren Bledsoe
Brother Keeper by Emily Ho
Your foot touches your mother’s by Emily Ho
A Pregnant Woman Riding the “El” by Sophie Lefens
Go Black by Sophie Lefens

Burning Spirits by Adam Edwards
Thirty-Four Candles (One for Good Luck) by Kristen Evans
Morning Walk by Sophie Lefens
The Wheelchair by Wesley Turner

Deep by Elizabeth Brady
Children by Jenna Carson
Staying in the Dark by Cara Gillespie
Mortal Moments by Natalie Cherie Campbell
Copperline  by Michelle Lyons
Big Soul, Small Body by Megan McManama
Of Grandfathers and Gods by Jain Willis

Digital Literature & Digitally-Cognizant Art
Yahoo! Answers by Emily Ho
Excerpts from Emails by Jack Murphy
Swarm 003 by Maddison Colvin
Gulls:Locusts by Maddison Colvin
Singing Static by Mike Lee
Laser-Face by Mike Lee
Color Split RBFC by Mike Lee
Meeting & Kaleidoscope Sky by Makia Sharp
Evidence of Her Life / Evidence of Distance by Sarah Waldron
Reminder Series by Sarah Waldron
Exit this Way by Sarah Waldron
Breakdown in Communication by Natalie Wood
It’s Just A Phase by Natalie Wood
Copycat by Natalie Wood

The Line
The Poetic Line: One Among Many by Kimberly Johnson
The Essai by Benjamin Blackhurst
Distinctions by Zach Power
Swell by Sarah Soderborg
Inventory by Sarah Soderborg
Retrospective by Kylan Rice and Sam Thayn