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Searching for light by Max Fisher

“Searching for light” by Max Fisher











Editor’s Note by Rebecca Cazanave


Affirmations by Chanel Earl

The Sin of Certainty by Tyler Slade

Packages by Erin Goulding

Red Balloon by Paris Nilson

An Anchorite’s Meditation on Water by Chanel Earl


Peace (Shanti) by Jamie Marquis

Inheritance by Abby Thatcher

Quarter of an Inch by Angela Griffin

She’s Becoming Self-Aware by Elena Welch

Akitsu Shima by Brittany Casselman

A Heart Removed by Rachelle Larsen


The Honeybee’s Epic by Penelope Richards

Good Doctor by Sarah Emmett

Midnight Drive by Cosenza Hendrickson

Standing in Front of Van Gogh’s Irises at the Getty Museum by Cosenza Hendrickson


Patrick Madden


Hiraeth by Malachi Wilson

Piety by Malachi Wilson

It’s Not Up To Me by Maddie Lytle

Last Column of a Collapsed Temple by Tyler Slade

The Buffet Menu by Caley Abliez

I Finished All My Shows by Caley Abliez

FM 1489 by Madyson Ysasaga

Searching for light by Max Fisher

Could This be Eden? by Erica Diane Nelson

Heed the Warnings by Brianne Anderson

The Annunciation by Thomas De Groff