Winter 2018


Preparing Peruvian Lomo Saltado by Mallory Dickson

Gamos by Jonathon Egan

Nocturne Beginning with a Line by Derek Walcott by Gavin Gao

Unreliable Marketing Strategies By Rich Ives

The Threat of Happiness by Rich Ives

Wash by Alexandra Palmer

Memento Mariposa by Anthony Pearce


A Few True Things by Kristen Evans

Happy Sun by Julien Fish

258 by Lindsey Killer

Four Blue Windbreakers by Mari Molen


Letter to Myself by Micah Cozzens

To the Boy in My Second Grade Class by Sarah Myers

Ninety Days by ShelliRae Spotts

Mindful Eating by Hayley Rawle


Recourse 2 by Julian Harper

Recourse 7 by Julian Harper

Underwater Knees by Hannah Ruiz

Chaos and Control 01 by Joselyn Torbenson

Chaos and Control 02 by Joselyn Torbenson

Untitled by Joselyn Torbenson

Tower by Joselyn Torbenson