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Contributor Biographies


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C. H. is a student here at Brigham Young University who plans to continue writing great fiction and submitting it to Inscape.

Roy Ashcroft is a senior from Pennsylvania. At the moment, he lives in a house with a garden. After graduation he plans on going to Sizzler.

Johnna Thompson has been published in Inscape twice. She is abnormally obsessed with Young Adult dystopian fiction, and “The Anomaly” is the basis of a novel she eventually hopes to expand.


Natalie Cox is a senior who grew up in Provo. She’s graduating this spring and will continue teaching high school English and History in the fall.

Carmen Sophia Cutler is an Elementary Education major who has recently realized that the best place to fall in love with writing is the first grade. She hails from South Jordan, Utah and when this edition of Inscape comes out she will be somewhere in the vicinity of Rochester, New York, wearing a long skirt and a black name tag.

Sarah Pearson is a senior from wild, wonderful West Virginia with an English major and a French minor. She spent last summer on a BYU field study in India where she researched Hindu deities, bathed in the Ganges river, and ate amazingly delicious spicy food with her hands. She loves writing poetry and lyric essays and planning extensive dinner parties. Her plans for the summer include waitressing, writing her memoirs for her Honors Thesis, performing in The Wizard of Oz, and getting married in the Idaho Falls Temple. Her favorite job ever was working at Lost Dog Coffee in Shepherdstwon, WV, in which “She-Town Girl,” her poem in this volume of Inscape, was inspired.

Skoticus is a senior majoring in Recreation Management. he has previously contributed a short story, The Sinking of the Mirandas; a poem, (|)|}|{|(|); and two photographs, Close Corn and Feet In the Garden, to Inscape. Skoticus is a native of San Diego and a squirrel enthusiast.


Adrianne Roldan is an undergraduate here at Brigham Young University and this is her first time being published in Inscape. She looks forward to a lifelong love affair with the personal essay and hopes to continue noticing all kinds of interesting things that will get her published.

Benjamin Bascom enjoys thank-you notes, lemon yogurt, and metaphysical poetry. His love of thank-you notes comes from his conscientious parents who raised him in Orem; lemon yogurt has become part of his life ever since dating the Pennsylvanian Jennifer Kellis; metaphysical poetry parallels his theological belief that everything—especially God—is supposed to be beyond one’s understanding. Someday he hopes to write a metaphysical poem on a thank–you note that uses lemon yogurt as the greatest extended conceit since John Donne.

Casie Keller Cole is an undergraduate writer from Kuna, Idaho. As a young child, she ate newspaper in hopes of being able to know more words. Although she no longer literally eats texts, she continues to crave words. She was awarded the LaVerna S. Clark scholarship in her first year at Brigham Young University and won an ORCA grant to examine the poetry of language used between genders. She will begin her graduate studies in Brigham Young University in the fall of 2008. She loves ice cream, trees, and her husband, Wesley.

Amy Roper is from Canby, Oregon. She is a senior in English and hopes to pursue graduate studies in creative writing in the coming year. She is frequently plagued by tsunami dreams.