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Contributor Biographies

Sarah Allen is from the exotic town of Provo, Utah. She is a sophomore majoring in English and has a hard time thinking of her class reading as homework. This is her first publication, which makes her very, very happy. She frequently envisions herself sitting in a Boston coffee shop sipping Postum and writing novels and poems on paper napkins. She is obsessed with movies and Broadway musicals, her favorite words are chimerical andpanache, and she owns all eleven seasons of Frasier.

Carolyn Carter deals with life by punching words into a typewriter her grandmother gave her. She has a passionate love for jasmine rice, William Shakespeare, and rainforest plants. Her freckles come out in the summertime.

Ashley Mae Christensen is from Provo, Utah. She is getting her BFA in painting and drawing, and a minor in English. She served a mission in Uruguay. She doesn’t yet know what she plans on doing with her life, but something good.

Catherine Curtis was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently working on her MFA at BYU, studying nonfiction, and learning how to tell better truth.

Daniel Embree is a senior in the BFA program in the department of visual arts, with an emphasis in painting, drawing, and printmaking. He has been making art for as long as he can remember. Daniel grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL, and came to BYU in 2004. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 2005-2007 in the east Los Angeles area. Since then he has been creating a body of work that addresses spirituality, gender roles, and communication.

Lia Farnsworth is graduating from BYU this April with a double degree in physiology and developmental biology and visual arts: studio arts, with a minor in chemistry. Her first art piece involved a large marker mural on the wall, but after mass criticism she gave up the fine arts until her third year into BYU’s pre-medical program. She spent her early years in Seoul, South Korea, before Americanizing in Salt Lake City, Utah, and plans to return to Seoul following graduation, where she will eat lots of Korean food, bargain for great designer knock-offs, and teach art and English.

Stephen Allen Haynie graduated from BYU with a BA in English. He currently resides at an undisclosed location. Do not write to him at 534 Cottonwood Lane, Carnation, WA—it is not his address, and who knows who’ll end up responding to your letter.

Mikaela Lane was born and raised in Zimbabwe (the 6th generation born in Africa) and attends BYU as an international student. She is a senior double majoring in English and French. She is the recipient of the Naomi Earl Rich Scholarship as well as the Blessing/Kagel Creative Writing Scholarship. She won first place in the Elsie C. Carroll Essay Contest as well as first place for poetry in the BYU English Literature Conference of Winter 2009. If she could have it her way, she would travel the world and gather people’s stories as well as the folklore of their cultures. Her passion is people and she likes knowing where they come from and why they value what they do.

Kathy West is a second year MFA student in creative writing. She has won various awards, including BYU’s Ann Doty Fiction Contest and the David O. McKay Essay Contest. After graduating in December, she plans to write and write and write.